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Takeda Initiates Sale Of Western European Drugs: Sources

Takeda Pharmaceutical, a Japanese drugmaker, seeks to slash its debt after its recent $59-billion acquisition of Shire. In recent times, the firm reached out to potential bidders with an intention to sale a range of drugs in Western Europe, people close to the topic told Reuters. Takeda hopes to get approximately $1.68 Billion from the sale. It has sent out information packages to concerned parties, according to the sources.

The medications on the block are prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, patents for most of which have expired. It means they can be copied by generic drug manufacturers. The assets have combined EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization) of approximately 160 million euros, the sources asserted, with OTC drugs anticipated for approximately 40 million euros. Reportedly, JPMorgan is helping Takeda to find a novel owner. Takeda is waiting for indicative proposals following the summer, the sources stated.

On a similar note, Takeda announced this week that it is launching three therapies in India. The firm explained that it intends to introduce Agalsidase Alfa for Fabry, Velaglucerase Alfa for treatment of Gaucher, and Idursulfase for Hunter Syndrome in the Indian market. After the launch in other global markets, India had to wait for about 9–13 Years for the entry of these crucial drugs in the Indian market.

However, this launch means little, provided the Indian Government does not incorporate these pricy drugs in their access programs, according to the experts. At present, the Indian Government is in process of re-drafting its Rare Disease Policy. Prasanna Shirol, who works as a Co-Founder and Director at Organization for Rare Diseases, India, proclaimed that at present, the government does not provide access to patients. This launch indicates that now these drugs will be obtainable in the Indian market. Earlier, patients used to import them personally.

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